Business cards Schwendner Nutrition Coaching

The red apron on business cards

Schwendner Ernährungscoaching is an up-and-coming company that offers nutritional advice for all target groups. After the website and the logo, of course the business cards must not be missing.

Ms. Schwendner wanted there to be a QR code for the vCard in addition to the normal information, so that people no longer have to manually enter the business card data into their cell phones, but can scan it with one click.

Colors and design of the business card I took from the website, respectively from the logo and thus the business cards for Mrs. Schwendner were quickly created. Again, a central element is the red cooking apron, which is the trademark of Mrs. Schwendner.

Client: Schwendner nutrition coaching
Industry: Nutrition
Category: Business Cards, print, brand identity,
Date: January 2023

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