Flyer LDM IT

Well equipped with flyers for the exhibition

LDM-IT is a young, motivated start-up working in the field of software development and software programming. After the logo project was finished, Mr. Horn approached me that he needed flyers for a exhibition he could go to spontaneously.

The goal was to present LDM-IT’s services to potential customers on site in a concise manner in a conversation and then to give them the flyer as a summary and reminder. Accordingly, it was important to prepare all information clearly and understandably.

After a short consultation, we came to the conclusion that a three-page folding flyer was exactly what Mr. Horn needed to present all the desired content. Since he didn’t have a CI at that time, I was completely free in the design for the flyer and used different elements as well as the colors from the logo.

I was able to take most of the texts from the official LDM-IT website. However, I had to shorten them considerably to avoid being overwhelmed by all the information. A good balance between too much and too little had to be found.

In the end, a clear flyer with all the important information about the software from LDM-IT came out, with which Mr. Horn could go to the exhibition well prepared.

Client: LDM-IT
Industry: IT
Category: Flyer, print, brand identity, exhibition
Date: September 2022

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