Logo Schwendner Nutrition Coaching

An apron for Schwendner nutrition coaching

Schwendner Ernährungscoaching is an up-and-coming company that offers nutritional advice for all target groups. During the commissioning of the website, Ms. Schwendner came to me that her current logo would unfortunately no longer fit her company. She had completed some training and was no longer, as originally planned, only specialized in children, but had now successfully completed training for all target groups.

The goal was clear, a logo that should work for seniors as well as for children, regardless of age. It must appeal to officials responsible for schools, but also to the person responsible in a company cafeteria.

The color red was already set by the old logo and is super appropriate for the theme of nutrition. I made her a few different versions as a basis for discussion and we quickly came up with the red apron as her recognition mark. She now also wears this during her cooking classes.

Thus, with their logo, we have not only designed a graphic, but a complete brand concept for Schwendner Ernährungscoaching.

Client: Schwendner Nutrition Coaching
Industriy: Nutrition
Category: Logo, brand identity
Date: January 2023
Website: schwendner-ernaehrungscoaching

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